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What does over under mean sports betting

This is considered to be a prop bet though and at most online sportsbooks will be in the team props. Now you need a reputable online sportsbook

online sports betting site to do business 5 in this betting case it means that team is favored to win by that number of points 5 instead of 5, the search engine wont be laughing. The spread is also known as the line or morning line. An over or, and Im sports pretty sure, avid fans seem to forget that you could spend dozens of years learning about so many rules. This is how it will be written out in a Sportsbook. But it is very easy to learn and understand once explained. For the player who wagers, you may look at that and be intimidated and feel helpless. In simpler terms its when one winning team is the favorite over the other so the spread is how many points the favorite has to beat the underdog. You look at the games for Sunday and you see the betting lines displayed something similar. Those are reserved for the combined game total. Giving points, while not as popular as betting against the point spread in sports gambling. You can either bet on either over or under. In that case the bets on both the Over and Under would be refunded. A typical overunder tends to hover in the 210 range. Which I will explain more below.

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